Adult's Titles

The Tale of the Tee

B. K. Fulton & Jonathan Blank

Tale of the Tee is about how truth and honest conversation allows ordinary people to become the change they seek.

Misfit Champions

Art Espey

Misfit Champions- Building a Culture of Accountability

Art Espey

Misfit Champions- Making your Business Thrive in a Recession

Art Espey

Misfit Champions- The Reflective Entrepreneur

Art Espey

This book provides guidance for business owners to grow and lead their team while maintaining their energy, paying attention to personal growth.

Killers: Portraits of the Decadent and the Depraved

Troy Diffenderfer & Jared Wolf

In your hands you hold the latest victim of two of the most wicked and sinister creative minds.

Misfit Champions

Art Espey

Walking with Strangers

Kaitlyn Keller

In the rural countryside of Eastmarsh, nineteen-year-old Lucy Aims witnesses a fire that consumes her village, taking her family and everyone she knows with it.

Running with Shadows

Kaitlyn Keller

Twenty-year-old Kei Sterling isn't a stranger to pain. After more than a decade of neglect and abuse, there isn't much he hasn't faced.

You Can Hide

Melissa Roos

Jayde Walker is left for dead. Somehow she survives and is the only witness to the murder of her best friend Carrie.

Emerald X

Brandon Hoy

White Noise

Troy Diffenderfer

"White Noise" is his first published collection of stories, which were all inspired by popular rock n roll songs.

The Plainer Truths of Teaching, Learning and Literacy

Dr. Morton Botel & Lara Botel Paparo

A comprehensive guide to teaching, learning and literacy prek-12 and across the curriculum.

Living with Silence

Kaitlyn Keller

When Kei Sterling, the new leader of Genesis, impulsively takes on an urgent mission to the north, things go awry. A familiar, merciless enemy takes Kei hostage, forcing him to relive his nightmare childhood.Back at the bunker, Lucy Aims tries desperately to bring Genesis back together after a devastating less. But even with the addition of a new member, it’s not enough to stitch the wounds. In fact, it only causes more turbulence.

Broken Bones

Daniel Oliver Betz III

This twisting and turning mystery follows a police investigation following a car crash that left a young woman dead. Was it an accident or homicide. In Broken Bones, discover the answer to these questions and follow the trail of bones that litter the path of Darnell’s tumultuous life.

The Gold Mailbox

Beth Schulman

Beth and her older sister try desperately to maintain normalcy and order, in the face of uncertainty and confusion. Their young lives are filled with deception and despair at the hands of a narcissistic mother and her abusive boyfriend. Told from Beth’s point of view, the story unfolds with innocence and honesty. The Gold Mailbox captures moments of despair and hope, sadness and humor, sister rivalry and sister love, death and emotional rebirth, abuse, and unconditional love. In the end, the story leaves the reader marveling over the healing power of compassion and forgiveness.