Misfit Champions Sustainable Business Basics: Making Your Business Thrive in a Recession

Art Espey, Laura Bowser & Eric Glymph

Economic downturns, recessions, depressions - they happen - and they always seem to come as a shock, even though some of the warning signs were there. Economic downturns can also create opportunities. This book will help business owners identify and exploit those opportunities in their business market in order to create more cashflow and profit and make their business thrive in spite of the economic conditions.Learn from renowned business experts, Art Espey, Laura Bowser, and Eric Glymph as they take business owners step-by-step through the steps needed to make sure that they survive.
Back at the bunker, Lucy Aims tries desperately to bring Genesis back together after a devastating less. But even with the addition of a new member, it’s not enough to stitch the wounds. In fact, it only causes more turbulence.

Art Espey

About The Author

Art Espey, the founder of Choza, LLC and the former Vice-Chair for Lighthouse Labs, a leading accelerator located in Richmond, Virginia has been a grower and fixer of businesses for over 30 years. His experiences as a business founder, a business fixer, an international executive in a growing Inc 500 company, a USMC Officer, long-time martial artist, stay-at-home dad, investor and navigator of large cargo ships, have helped him develop an analysis and communication style that helps startups know how to be effective and when to develop efficiencies. These are two key skills needed for true business sustainability. Execution is different for every single business, no matter what industry or business sector you are or think you are, in. Art believes that taking action at the appropriate time - not too early, not too late - can be crucial to a startup's sustainability as a thriving business.

Laura Bowser

About The Author

Laura Bowser is a leader of several fast-growth businesses and non-profit organizations. She currently leads Evolve Productions, a content and media company that provides customized digital education for large corporate, government, and small business leaders. She previously served as CEO of an award- winning diversity, equity and inclusion firm and is acutely aware of geo-political issues as she leads content development teams and guides leaders on navigating through difficult times. Her multi-industry experience and credentialed HR skills have served as catalysts for business leaders and global humanitarian organizations on strategic direction for shifting behavior and performance of employees.

Eric Glymph

About The Author

Eric Glymph is the owner and founder of EDGe Business Planning which provides fractional CFO services to businesses throughout the US. Eric is a seasoned financial leader with over 20 years of experience in large, medium, and startup organizations focused on improving the profitability of the organization. He has extensive experience with business planning, strategy, financial analysis, and budgeting throughout his almost 30 year career. Eric has a B.S. in Accounting from Indiana University and an MBA from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA.) Eric is also an accomplished triathlete and has competed in over 80 triathlons including 3 Ironman distance triathlons. Eric lives in Richmond, Virginia and has been married to his wife Susan for 28 years. They have 2 wonderful children.