You Can Hide

Melissa Roos

Jayde Walker is left for dead. Somehow she survives and is the only witness to the murder of her best friend Carrie. Fighting amnesia she tries to get on with her life, with the killer still on the loose. Then one night she remembers. The truth terrifies her and breaks her heart. She has to run. She has to hide. Leave behind everything. And everyone. She runs with no clear direction in mind. Halfway across the country, lost in the Midwest, she makes a wrong turn, down a dead-end road. She ends up in a ditch, unable to remember how or why she got there. The only thing she knows is she needs to disappear. The tall lush green cornstalks of the vast fields call to her. Without hesitation, Jayde steps in and disappears. She's lost, but found. Who can save her? Her fiancé she left behind? The detective she trusted, or the farmer that found her? Whom can she trust with her life? And her heart?

"I LOVED IT!!! Fast-paced, fast read, love the short chapters. It kept me interested from the beginning. Definitely my kind of book. My favorite book of 2020."
Casey Allyn, WIOV-FM Morning Show Co-Host
Cumulus Radio Station Group | York-Lancaster-Reading

“Intriguing, entertaining and suspenseful . . .”

“The scenic descriptions by the author were so realistic you could practically smell the country air!”

“I could not put it down... from start to finish! Full of suspense and I fell in love with the characters.”

“A great story from start to finish with a vivid description of the setting."

Melissa Roos

About The Author

Melissa Roos graduated from Iowa State University with Bachelors in Fine Arts. She was born and raised in Iowa, and lived in Maryland for ten years. Melissa now lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with her husband, and their four children.
She loves books, photography, baking, the outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. Melissa enjoys attending their kids many sporting events, dance recitals, and school activities.