Troy Diffenderfer

In your hands you hold the latest victim of two of the most wicked and sinister creative minds. As individuals, they’ve plagued readers and art fans with their unique take on the craft, often splaying out their victims for everyone to see. Despite their many peculiar creations, they’ve both garnered a morbidly curious following. While they both admired each other’s work from afar, it is is only know that they’ve decided to create their next victim.

Troy Diffenderfer

About The Author

Troy Diffenderfer is from Millersville, Pennsylvania. A graduate from Millersville University, Troy has spent his free time consuming all things terrifying and uncomfortable. You can usually find him curled up with his family watching a scary movie, or making an amateur attempt at solving murder cases. You also might find him at a local rock n’ roll concert taking in the energy and emotion that is live music.

Illustrated by Jared Wolf

Jared Wolf was born and raised in York, Pa. He began drawing at an early age and continues to this day. True crime has been an important part of his life since his older brother Jason have him a set of criminal and outlaw trading cards around nine years of age. These portraits were a way of getting the information about these horrendous beings “out of his system.”