Information For Authors

At Owl Publishing, our authors enjoy the perks of a traditional publishing company with self publishing qualities that put the author at the center of the entire process. Authors receive contracts, and can look forward to many of the following expectations:


Owl Publishing’s titles are available at major online retailers around the world, including on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, as well as through international retailers and various online marketplaces.

Currently, we release print and digital copies of our books with printing fulfilled through print-on-demand through Amazon. Titles can also be released in audio format, which is usually after the initial release of the book.

Marketing & Publicity

Our innovative marketing and publicity team is creative and thinks outside of the box to connect each book with a variety of strategies and methods to maximize their reach. The team works in collaboration with the author and editorial staff to create customized marketing plans for each title. Authors are also expected to be a part of this team, and work collaboratively to market their books. Owl Publishing maintains a page about each of our authors, and authors can choose to host their own website as well that we can link to our page.


Owl Publishing offers competitive royalty structures that allows authors to earn higher than average profit. Digital and print-on-demand books earn up to 35% of the net profit of each sale. Currently, we do not offer advances for authors.


Owl Publishing works with agented and non-agented authors.

Interested in Publishing?

Please submit a book proposal for consideration. An outline of our requested information is available here:

Book Proposal


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