Walking With Strangers

In the rural countryside of Eastmarsh, nineteen-year-old Lucy Aims witnesses a fire that consumes her village, taking her family and everyone she knows with it. Racing down to search for survivors through the spreading flames, she finds Genesis—a group of five societal outlaws wanted by every guard unit in the realm. Thus begins Lucy’s journey with Genesis, discovering that her village was only one in a series of seemingly untraceable fires rippling through the lands, leaving death and chaos in their wake. Lucy is determined to get answers, but to do that, she must compromise her ethical compass and work with Genesis. If she stays to uncover the truth about the fires though, Lucy runs the risk of becoming morally corrupt, or worse, dead! The closer she gets to the truth, the more she realizes that good and evil isn’t always black and white.

Walking with Strangers is written by Kaitlyn Keller

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