Running with Shadows

Twenty-year-old Kei Sterling isn’t a stranger to pain. After more than a decade of neglect and abuse, there isn’t much he hasn’t faced. So when he joins Genesis–a group of societal outcasts–he expects his nightmares to end, not get worse. But with clingy, obnoxious comrades, and a leader unworthy of their title, Kei finds he’s on the verge of breaking for good. Then Genesis comes across Lucy Aims, the sole survivor of a suspicious string of fires destroying the country. Though Kei can see through her plan to exploit them, he recognizes pieces of himself mirrored inside her. At first, Kei is resistant to accept Lucy as part of Genesis, but the more he resists, the more he realizes that he just might need her. Sometimes life can’t begin until you’re willing to come out of the shadows.

Running with Shadows is written by Kaitlyn Keller

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