Daniel O. Betz III

Dan was born in the Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus, Ohio in 1946 and is an ardent Buckeye fan. His parents moved from Columbus to Long Island, N.Y. and then later to the Washington D.C. suburbs in 1960.

As a child, Dan was a poor reader. His parents encouraged him to read comic books, which he loved. Superman, Batman and Dick Tracey comics were his favorites, and he fantasized about writing my own adventure stories. While in high school Dan asked for a typewriter for Christmas and received one. He began attempting to type stories but did not complete any of his attempts.

Dan graduated from Marietta College in Ohio in 1968, majoring in English and History.

After graduating, Dan worked as a teacher, later in retail management and evenutally as a life and health insurance salesman in New Holland, Pa. He married his wife Pat in 1975 and they are still happily married 43 years later. His sons, David and Jonathan, were born in the late 1970’s. Dan and Pat are now the proud grandparents of four grandchildren, a step granddaughter and a step great granddaughter.

Dan came back to writing in 2009 after submitting an editorial to the Lancaster News. After the newspaper published it, Dan continued to submit and write editorials. To date, Dan has penned 91 editorials published by the Lancaster News.

After Dan retired, he began writing his first novel, Broken Bones. He is still writing editorials.