The Tale of the Tee

Tale of the Tee is about how truth and honest conversation allows ordinary people to become the change they seek. BK Fulton and Jonathan Blank did not know each other prior to June 14, 2020. Then, after a series of e-mails and acts of kindness, the two men, one African American and one Jewish, began a chain of e-mails and interactions that have resulted into an extraordinary friendship. This book captures the events that sparked a brotherhood. The two men now carry a memento, a golf tee, to symbolize their bond and the work they must continue to do to advance civil society. The Tale oftheTee teaches us that small acts can have lasting ripple effects.

“The Tale of the Tee is an example of the power of listening, learning and truly hearing one another in an effort to forge deeper understanding and lasting relationships across cultural, ethnic and racial identity. It is a story of two men connecting one email at a time. BK Fulton and Jonathan Blank let us into their private exchanges as they delve deeper to examine what happens when society finds greater comfort in false, indoctrinating narratives than the historical truths. This is a read that will leave you considering how a simple object has the power to transform.” 

CHRISTY S. COLEMAN, Public Historian and one of The 31 People Who Are Changing the South (TIME Magazine) 

“Using shared emails, speeches and articles the two have crafted, BK Fulton and Jonathan Blank have distilled the essence of our national conversation on race. The Tale of the Tee is both intense and important. It is one of the many matches that will ignite a new consciousness in America. Read it and see more clearly by its light.” 

DAVID L. ROBBINS, NY Times bestselling author 

"BK Fulton and Jonathan Blank are in conversation about race in America. They explore the meaning of truth, and how to forge relationships and seek solutions in a world that appears intent to divide us. Blessedly, Fulton and Blank are not having it - they seek connection, shared ideas for change and the notion that respect is not a destination but an acknowledgement of our mutual pain that leads to understanding. In this the watershed moment in American history, the authors are on the front lines with empathy, vision and open minds and hearts. The Tale of the Tee will lift you up, it is essential reading." 

ADRIANA TRIGIANI, NY Times bestselling author, award-winning playwright, television writer/producer and film director/writer 

Written by B.K. Fulton and by Jonathan Blank.

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