Broken Bones

Broken Bones is the tale of two young men. Darnell Ducette is a star high school quarterback who gets the attention of major college recruiters nationwide. He becomes a college All American quarterback and eventually stars in the NFL. His career comes to a halt when is attacked by an unknown assailant. Darnell then moves on to a political career where he becomes a U.S. congressman and later a U.S. Senator. Jack Troop is a college student majoring in journalism. He becomes obsessed with the life of Darnell after interviewing him for an article in the college newspaper. He goes on to become an investigative journalist and follows Darnell’s career path for the next twenty years.

Darnell and three of his teenage friends are involved in an automobile accident in the very first chapter. Three of them are injured and one dies from a broken neck. The first broken bone. As Darnell’s life moves forward, multiple characters are either injured or die from broken bones. Jack Troop follows this trail of broken bones that seems to accompany the life of Darnell Ducette.  Over the years, Jack becomes determined to tell the tale of the mayhem that a major part of Darnell’s life.

Strange characters populate the lives of these two men. There is the nefarious billionaire Ford C. Carr, always manipulating the lives of Jack and Darnell. There is Dom DeLeo, also a billionaire and a man who doesn’t hesitate to use thuggery to advance his business interests. Jack marries Dom’s daughter Diana and becomes entwined in the DeLeo family saga. Darnell marries the beautiful Candy Champion thinking she will enhance his path to fame and fortune, but the marriage quickly disintegrates and ends in tragedy.

Broken Bones is a fast and thrilling read. Climb on board and enjoy the ride.

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