Salaam Muhammad

Salaam Muhammad, is an African American artist, who was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He briefly attended Bridge View Academy for certification in additive skills training, however, is primarily self-taught.

As a young artist, he was influenced by Artists such as Kevin Wak Williams, Kadir Nelson, Johannes Vermeer, and Cesar Santos. He uses these methods that combine the great artists before him to create a unique effect that is all his own. Salaam’s focus has always been on powerful, positive, and impactful imagery for people like him.

In 2013, Salaam was featured as a participating artist in the annual Harlem Fine Arts Festival. He has also been invited by various educational institutions to elaborate on art in human life. As an illustrator, his life-long drive has been used in his approach to visualizing the narrative of children’s stories.

Salaam currently lives and creates his work near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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