Beth Schulman

Beth is an avid reader of memoir. One of the first memoirs she read in her early twenties was Blackbird by Jennifer Lauck. The story of young Jenny navigating her way through loss and loneliness reminded Beth of her own early childhood struggles. Busy trying to balance her career as a teacher and her life as a young wife and mother, Beth started recording memories of a childhood she’d worked hard to forget. Her writing was confined to a journal she took out mostly in the summertime when she had a reprieve from teaching. Over many years the journal entries developed into  scenes and the scenes into a story.

Beth continues to teach children and adults. She is passionate about creating supportive, creative and literacy rich learning environments. Beth currently lives in the Philadelphia area with her two teenage sons, James and Ian. Her memoir, The Gold Mailbox, was released in August 2015. Beth hopes her memoir inspires readers to share their own stories.

“Rosie, the Practically Perfect Puppy,” is Schulman’s newest book written for children. It is a “practically true” story about her two young sons and their puppy. The book is light and fun, filled with vivid and colorful illustrations. Important themes are woven throughout, including making mistakes, giving apologies and offering forgiveness.

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