Art Espey

Art Espey, the founder of Choza, LLC and the former Vice Chair for Lighthouse Labs, a leading accelerator located in Richmond, Virginia has been a grower and fixer of businesses for over 30 years. His experiences as a business founder, a business fixer, an international executive in a growing Inc 500 company, a USMC Officer, long-time martial artist, stay-at-home dad, investor and navigator of large cargo ships, have helped him develop an analysis and communication style that helps startups know how to be effective and when to develop efficiencies. These are two key skills needed for true business sustainability. Execution is different for every single business, no matter what industry or business sector you are or think you are, in.  Art believes that taking action at the appropriate time – not too early, not too late – can be crucial to a startup’s sustainability as a thriving business.